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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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"The Atlantis Invaders"
Written by
Josh Johnson,
Jimm Johnson,
Charles Lee Hackett

Find it here:

Thanks. That's the draft that got tossed out with the bath water as I previously mentioned.
Thank you GSchnitzer, that is the script version I was working from.

And middyseafort, I had guessed that the script version of Atlantis invaders was not a final version, since the title page indicates ''third draft'', instead of ''final draft''.

As I have said, this is a writing exercise for myself that I don't mind sharing with the members here. It is a good way to be able to help lock down any script, fix up whatever characterization problems there may be, and help cut it down from the massive 60 page draft that it is to a workable and ready-for-broadcast 45 to 50 minute finished episode...

I wouldn't mind reading the final version of Atlantis invaders AFTER I have finished this exercise, to see if my ideas and views resemble those of DS9Sega...
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