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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

"The Atlantis Invaders"
Written by
Josh Johnson,
Jimm Johnson,
Charles Lee Hackett

Find it here:

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HI there. New member but lifelong Star Trek fan, like many of you. I discovered the existence of fan productions on YouTube less than 2 years ago, and Starship Exeter specifically around last fall.

Like everyone, I hope to someday see the conclusion to The Tressarian Intersection. But in the meantime I got really interested in The Atlantis Invaders.

SNIP (for space)

(Analysis in fuller detail to come)...
The version it seems you are reviewing is an early draft and not the one that was intended to be shot. I've read the draft that would've been shot and know the writer personally who was charged with completing the shooting script.

He addressed many of the concerns you bring up from the earlier draft.

So what draft are you reviewing? And who is the listed writer (s)?
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