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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

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i don't understand why we still have shows that play on linear TV why no film 22 hours of a season and put it right out on DVD? i hate to wait... with DVD you can watch as long as you want... start, stop, rewatch... i need DVD... something "REAL" no video file or stearming video... a easy DVD....
The economics just aren't there yet. Selling ads generates A LOT of money. DVD/subscription models may work some day, but the market just isn't there yet.

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I think eventually you are going to see a PPV aspect to regular TV, but it might be awhile.
Just this week HULU announced an original series starting in August from producer/director Morgan Spurlock (Supersize me, & "30 Days").
It is similar to Netflix pickup of a new original series for 2012 with Kevin Spacey.
By the time the next Trek TV series is in development I think we will see CBS television license it in the USA or have it on an affiliate cable channel rather than CW. That license will probably be a subscription model of a streaming season pass like a NFL season pass just not $300. More like $20./season and I think maybe with 1 sponsor with 5 commercial slots for the show.
There I said it. I think they would start selling paid season passes while the pilot episode is in preproduction.
Let's think about that $20/season price. Let's take the iTunes model where the distributor keeps 30%(obviously other models are slightly different, but the revenue should be ballpark consistent). CBS makes $14/season/viewer. Falling Skies as an example has been averaging about 4 million viewers and has a budget of ~$2.5m/episode. That means that if every viewer would stick around and pay $14/season and Dreamworks made no profit, they could afford 22 episodes. But of course Dreamworks wants a profit, so make that 11 episodes. And there is no way everyone who currently watches "for free" will pay for a show, so now you're talking 5 episodes best case. Are you willing to pay $20/season for a 5 episode show? And in reality a show distributed in this model will appear as one of the most pirated shows online, so these numbers are optimistic. If you want to see this model work you will need to either cut the budget, increase the cost, or grow the viewer base. Since the 3rd option has failed to happen even on free shows, you're going to need to do #1 or #2. Hope you enjoy shows costing a lot more than $20/season or shows that look like old school Doctor Who.
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