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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

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I think eventually you are going to see a PPV aspect to regular TV, but it might be awhile.
Just this week HULU announced an original series starting in August from producer/director Morgan Spurlock (Supersize me, & "30 Days").
It is similar to Netflix pickup of a new original series for 2012 with Kevin Spacey.
By the time the next Trek TV series is in development I think we will see CBS television license it in the USA or have it on an affiliate cable channel rather than CW. That license will probably be a subscription model of a streaming season pass like a NFL season pass just not $300. More like $20./season and I think maybe with 1 sponsor with 5 commercial slots for the show.
There I said it. I think they would start selling paid season passes while the pilot episode is in preproduction.
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