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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Well, considering that he is up against the likes of Thor and Cap - or even the armor and CG suit-enhanced physiques of Iron Man and GL - he will need to be bigger than Reeve. Reeve's Superman is pretty slight by modern standards; fortunately the actor had a good frame to begin with.
I think the bigger Reeve from Superman II still looks pretty impressive by today's standards, if you were to just put him in a newer suit (not so much the leaner Reeve from the first movie).

But yeah, I'm sure Cavil will still have to get a bit bigger. I just never really cared for that super steroidal look on Supes.
You do realize Superman 1 and 2 were mostly filmed at the same time? Reeve should look the same in both films because they went back and forth between the films when filming.
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