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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

This is you putting words in people's mouths:

"The repaired Voyager model should look like they just put patches over everything instead of actually fixing anything and still look damaged and different."
Who says it has to be continuously altered?
And I'm guessing from your lack of response that you DO agree with the "Viewers are Morons and need to be spoonfed every last detail" you convinced me of?

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In this case, it was Luminus' and Gary7's arguments: Luminus said the whole show, from start to finish, should've been "Year of Hell". In other words, 7 years of Hell. You agree with him on the continuous damage thing and changing the model to keep in line with this.

Gary7 mentioned them going to Repair Stations and being able to survive thanks to those. As in, actually manage to get repairs and resupplies.

So which is it, 7 Years of Hell wherein it's nothing but the ship getting trashed for 7 years straight and no end in sight with no one lifting a finger to help them, or them being able to find repair stations and survive?
Your first mistake is in taking different things said by different people and acting as though they were all said by one collective being, and then accusing that being of inconsistency.

Your second mistake is that you exaggerate opinions to an extreme that was never stated. In their original forms, those two opinions actually could have coexisted, but you butchered them by paraphrasing them with straw-mans like "nothing but..." and "no one lifting a finger".
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