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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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BTW: In my mind, as long as they're rebooting the DCU now, they ought to make the comic book Perry black.
Frankly if they're trying to reboot and modernize the Superman character, they should probably ditch the Daily Planet altogether.

Have him be a freelance AP reporter or something, working on important stories in war-torn countries. Or make him an Anderson Cooper type for a CNN-style show.

Even if the Planet is supposed to be the equivalent of a powerhouse like the New York Times, it still feels awfully quaint and outdated to see Superman working at a newspaper in 2011.
I see your point but the Planet could be a web content provider, not unlike what the Times (or Wall St Journal) is evolving into.

And as an aside, if anything, I think the issue is more pressing with Spiderman. At this point, anyone with a camera phone should be selling Spidey pics to Jameson.
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