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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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They did start with a real, physical model. And then they transitioned to all CGI in the 4th season. At this point, they could have programmed in signs of repairs to damage and kept it there. EASY. Data stored and maintained. They didn't do this.
...Because they'd have to KEEP changing the model again and again and again. Each change costing them dough.

Battlestar Galactica maintained damage to ships pretty well.
NuBSG came out 8 years after VOY, tech advanced and became a lot cheaper. And they didn't change their internal sets at all, all they did was hope no one would pay attention to that and made them dirty to begin with.

How many times do I have to explain this: Repeatedly using them hardly costs more, because they don't have to re-build them every time.
And they'd have to keep changing it for further damages, or when it's repaired.

Don't say "They could just use the original model" for when it gets repaired, because the reaction would just be "The repaired Voyager model should look like they just put patches over everything instead of actually fixing anything and still look damaged and different."

Who says it has to be continuously altered?
You, and everyone else who says the whole show should've been "Year of Hell" for the entire series Premiere-to-Finale.

This contradicts the "They can find repair stations" argument since being "7 years of Hell" means never finding any help from anyone but VOY criticisms/hatred has never been consistent/rational.
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