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Virtual *TOS* Enterprise for STV:Elite Force - WIP

Well, I've decided to divide my time working on my "Virtual Enterprise D" and this new TOS project, which will probably eventually become a full blown single player MOD for Elite Force.

Sure, it's very similar to my older project using the Mysteries of The Sith engine, but this time it's a tad prettier. Higher resolution, 32 bit graphics, use of shaders, higher poly models, better lighting, and of course, a plethora of Toonloon's skins at my disposal (Thanks again, Toonloon!)

So while these might look similar to my older work, if I ever finish this, those of you that still have your Elite Force discs lying around will finally be able to experience whatever I release. Enjoy! I will be posting more work as it gets done.

Donny Versiga

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