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Re: Star Trek: Cast No Shadow Review Thread


I certainly enjoyed it - Swallow is always a good writer - but I do agree it was a bit generic. It didn't have the same shining originality as his earlier Trek stories. That isn't to condemn it as such - it's a perfectly good Trek novel, and I'd give it an "Average" rating. Swallow's previous novels Day of the Vipers and Synthesis got "Outstanding", and his Myriad Universe story "Above Average", so this isn't as good as his other works. There's nothing particularly wrong with it, though, and it's a perfectly solid story that gave me my regular fix of continuity-conforming Trek lit. However, it is struggling against the content a Valeris novel simply had to have - Klingons and troubled Vulcans. As others have pointed out upthread, both of these have been used so often it's hard to make them truly memorable.

More below.

So, overall, it was perfectly enjoyable but nothing special. By James Swallow standards it was a bit disappointing, but I do keep in mind that Swallow's quality is such that disappointing for him doesn't mean lack of quality. Also, he was struggling against some very over-used aspects of the Trek 'verse by virtue of it being the Valeris novel, and this means he's having to fight upstream. Not the best Trek lit, but I have no real complaints.
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