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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

Anwar, you're overestimating the efforts...

They did start with a real, physical model. And then they transitioned to all CGI in the 4th season. At this point, they could have programmed in signs of repairs to damage and kept it there. EASY. Data stored and maintained. They didn't do this. They kept starting each episode with a fresh model, albeit with occasionally some additions like Borg hardware. I really believe it wouldn't have been much effort to maintain signs of wear on Voyager. For internal sets, it would have been a little more difficult, as they'd swap in new panels periodically. But it could have been done.

Battlestar Galactica maintained damage to ships pretty well. You went off on commenting about issues with the series falling apart, but that didn't accomplish anything regarding their use of CGI. They did a great job. Voyager could have easily done the same, starting with Season 4.

In defense of exodus, remember that the hard core fans who pay attention to all of the details are a minority. A rather prominent minority. The producers needed to make money and cater to the largest audience. They did make efforts to appease the dedicated fans... but this was a lower priority. You can see it. It's only unfortunate in the long run, as people who buy the Blu-ray/DVD's will watch the shows with more attention. They watch episodes at their own pace and don't miss any because they forgot to set the DVR. Inconsistencies become more noticeable. But... the video discs are purchased already, so would it really matter to the creators? Perhaps... more glowing reviews would help motivate more sales.
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