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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

Well you can talk about how it negatively affects the budget all you want, but the fact is they already DID create damaged CGI models.
CGI models of an intact Voyager. There were only a few "damaged Voyager" CGI models made, because they were expensive and saved up for special episodes/two-parters, not enough money to constantly be using them every episode and further altering them all the time.

They still exist, and they can be easily re-animated.
Yes, NOW they can be used more liberally and altered more easily.

Regarding the rest of your post... My God, I think you've finally gone off the deep end
You've convinced me, from now on the audience gets spoonfed everything. No more respect for their intelligence OR attention spans. You've made it clear that it's a hopeless cause. If nothing was spelled out for them, they'd think Janeway was a man. Thank you for opening my eyes.
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