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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

Yes, they had CGI models of a perfectly intact Voyager (somewhat primitive ones, though). Having to constantly use cgi shots of said model in every episode, and then constantly have to keep changing said model because every single scratch of damage had to be maintained instead of being repaired would have negatively affected the budget.

I've given up on assuming that the audience can figure things out for themselves. You've made me realize that they DO need every last little thing spoonfed to them and can't figure things out for themselves. You've converted me to the "Viewers are Morons" mindset, congratulations.

For good measure, let's have them mention said developments every single episode. In fact, have it be repeated 5 times every episode as well for the entire series run. Wouldn't want to assume that the viewers have the ability to remember anything either. Oh no, they're far too pampered for that. Must make sure every single minute detail is fed to them and constantly reiterated, nothing less would suffice.

Kiss any mystery plots goodbye too, they're obviously not going to tolerate any of those. And make sure every last detail about every characters' backstory is explained at length when we first meet said characters and every single character tic is also shown off within seconds of introduction. And have every instance of said tics pointed out in the show rather than shown to the audience, wouldn't want it to fly over anyone's head.

Make sure no one every changes their hairstyle, wears different clothes, or decides to grow any facial hair or get scarred. Wouldn't want to confuse anybody as to who these "new characters" are. Make sure to include flashbacks to events 10 minutes past, just as an insurance policy. And always remember to mention Earth every episode, don't want the viewers to forget where the humans on the show came from originally. Make sure to show off Tuvok's ears whenever he's on-screen, we have to make sure the viewers don't forget he's not human.

Of course, there's also Chakotay, mentions must always be made to make it clear he's Native American, without that our good viewers might think the guy is white. And remember to reference Janeway's gender a couple of times per episode too, otherwise it'll be too easy for the viewers to think she was a man.
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