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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Cardiff will be in at 9th with a bullet. Swansea will stay up, of this I have no doubt. QPR and Norwich, however, are both going to drop like a stone. In QPR's case, more like a boulder. I believe I have Blackburn pencilled in to join them, though might revise that to Newcastle, who seem to be self-destructing once again.

I have my Prem table prediction written down in work. I'll post it tomorrow.

EDIT: and here it is

1 Manchester United
2 Manchester City
3 Chelsea
4 Arsenal
5 Spurs
6 Liverpool
7 Everton
8 Fulham
9 Sunderland
10 Bolton
11 Stoke
12 Villa
13 WBA
14 Wolves
15 Wigan
16 Newcastle
17 Jacks

18 Blackburn
19 Norwich
20 QPR (and by some distance, up to 12 points adrift)
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