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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

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I thought the movie would have had a bit more gravitas if they'd stuck with the Nazis. I thought the Hydra troops were a little too comic booky. Yes, it's a comic book movie, but the original Captain America comic books also had Nazis. Nazis are easier to hate than fictional villains in fictional stormtrooper gear.
I didn't mind the Hydra troops, but it would have been cool to see a mix of Nazis in there as well. Or at last have his first mission be against the Nazis.
I don't think the Strategic Scientific Reserve ever caught on to the fact that Hydra was assassinating Inspectors General from the SS. In their minds they were fighting Nazis. Did we have to see a dead SS troop in the mix along with faceless storm troopers to make the movie stronger?

I am on record already for saying that a segregated USO show would have done more to make it stronger.
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