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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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The biggest problem with Voyager is that the series should have been like "Year of Hell," considering that they were the only Federation ship in the Delta Quadrant.
Look, I know some folks were expecting a show where the entire crew with no exceptions to completely fall to pieces within the first two episodes and spend the entire series hating and plotting to murder one another. At least in their spare time while the rest of it would comprise of them all becoming vicious bloodthirsty space pirates who revel in being free of the Federation and go around ravaging, destroying and stealing everything from every sentient race encountered (especially the nice ones who welcome them) because that's "more true to life" and "better drama" than people who decide to overcome their differences and accept the aid others give them.

But it wasn't going to happen.
No, you're taking it to an extreme again.

What fans of Voyager wanted to see was consistency. This can be done while still creating episodes that can stand alone. I think the writers and producers were too fearful of taking chances.

Voyager was alone in the Delta quadrant. No resources. No starbases to dock with for repairs. And yet... we see Voyager take on serious damage time after time, only to see the next episode portray a "new" looking Voyager. No wear and tear. No appreciable signs of repairs done on the interior. It's what fans like to call "pressing the reset button." True, there were episodes where it was certainly acceptable, like "Year of Hell" parts I+II, because the end was a restart of the timeline. But I wanted to see more realism with Voyager. More interactions with other species for trading. Scars on the ship's hull that remained after an episode of terrific damage to the ship.

There would be a string of episodes where the crew is struggling with depleted resources and supplies. Later, they find a species where trading is possible. Voyager exchanges technology for hard goods. Or, gets a permit for mining on some planet for certain ore, but gets lucky and finds much more to help restock. Remember in an earlier episode where Voyager docks with some kind of robotic repair station? And then it turns out to be a trick to steal brains? Well, they could have had some legitimate repair stations like this at various points where Voyager would be able to receive real repairs. But we never see this... unfortunately. There were a few "scarce resources" episodes, but far too few and between.

Lack of this kind of realism put a big dampener on the believable. I think it could have been done without making big sacrifices. And I think it would have pulled in a bigger viewership.
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