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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

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it's cool ^ I am just hypothizing that's all. I think the next season will either be them in prison or they time jump as there getting out and half flash back episodes of them in prison.
He could come back, but I think his character arc really is done. I don't expect the gang to be in prison when the show returns unless they want to use the first episode or two to establish relationships and/or introduce new characters. I expect more to see dealing with the club getting the town back and handling the resurgence of their power and control so I am looking for more fire between Clay and Jaks. Clay is thinking about the end of his run but isn't ready to give up control by a long shot. Jaks is seeing a new vision of the club that transcends his father's vision (seeing him as corrupted) so I imagine the letters and Tara will make for a host of drama to come.
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