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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Then the producers are screw ups. That explains the problems, right there. It's why Spider-Man 3 was garbage. Moving along...
Those same producers helped re-introduce Trek to a whole new audience, gave us the second most popular and iconic series Treks since the TOS, the second highest grossing Trek film too date, allowed mass merchendising of Trek product, opened a themed resturant in Las Vegas and had successful careers before and after Trek but because of minor issues one single show, they're screw ups?

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Voyager eps. were meant to be repeated out of sequence and had shows aired out of production order during it's original airing. Voyager was meant to be stand alone eps. and never meant to be 100% consistent. Voyager like ENT from the start was meant to bring back the casual viewer that doesn't notice or care about inconsistency. There were inconsistency in TNG, the most popular one and the audience never caught them and/or didn't care.
Not doing the show any favors by revealing this bit of info. TNG didn't have as much glaring problems as Voyager. The biggest problem with Voyager is that the series should have been like "Year of Hell," considering that they were the only Federation ship in the Delta Quadrant. No such glaring problem existed on TNG. When the Ferengi first showed up, they were constantly jumping around and making noises and were about profit. The next time we saw them, there was no jumping around or stupid noises, but they were still all about profit, which is the core of who they are. If they had suddenly been about nobility, then TNG would have gotten blasted as well.

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I'm not getting this.
You tuned into a show you felt had weak writing thus contributing to the increased viewership of those eps., in turn giving the TPTB thr green light to do more of them........and it's the producers that screwed up?

You gave them the approval every time you tuned in.
I tuned into the show, during the end of the 3rd season. That's how I got into Trek in the first place. Scorpion was a great 2-part episode and I started watching the rest of Trek, because of it. But after that is where Borg portrayal went downhill. I kept watching because Jeri Ryan and Robert Picardo gave EXCELLENT performances.

If [you] base a show's worth on ratings alone, then [you] are a screw up. If that's the case, then Sanjaya is one of the greatest performers of all time.[/QUOTE]
Wasn't Sanjaya voted off when he started receiving fewer votes due to lower fan support?
No, they don't just base it on rating alone but it's been proven to be one of the most direct. Works for every other show on TV, why should Voyager be an exception?
What other way is there to get a better idea of what fans and casual viewers collectively are responding too? It's one of the only ways I know of to calculate the majority of the entire viewing audience.

If you to go by whats online;for everyone like you, there's another viewer like TheBorg, that enjoys the eps. Who's feedback do you consider?
What can I say, not every spin off can please every fan.
A Tiger doesn't loose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

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