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I say bring it on! My main fortress is surrounded by a wall with lava channels carved down both the inner and outer faces (for spider proofing.) The lanky gits are free to run headlong into fiery death any time they like.
Apart from when they teleport past all that.

I've finally found myself a project! It all started when I thought, 'Hmm, wouldn't it be nice to have a giant Yin-Yang symbol floating in the sky?' (That took a lot of shearing sheep and killing squid). I then had the idea of placing my portals to the Nether and Aether in the respective dark/light side 'eyes'. That hit a bit of a snag when my Aether portal dropped my out on a tiny platform miles from anything, but I've since discovered how to swap out Aethers from different world saves.

Finally, I began work on my first 'castle' underneath the Yin-Yang. It's been fun but exhausting work, and its still a WIP, but here are the results so far:

Haven't done much with the ground floor (still living in a cave house atm) but the first floor garden is pretty much done, save for maybe a water feature.
And the sign said, "Long haired freaky people need not apply..."
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