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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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Atlantis wouldn't have needed any in depth and expensive remastering of effects though? Straight copy to Bluray with minimal cost, I'm assuming.
That's true, though TNG also has the syndication revenue route to help recoup the costs - BBC America is showing TNG reruns a lot more frequently than SyFy is SGA.

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Just looked at the first season TOS-R season 1 Blu-ray set, and it's 29 episodes on 7 discs, which means that at least one disc has 5 episodes on it, and TOS eps are about 50 mins long from memory. It's possible that each TNG season with it's shorter run time per episode, could be easily be put across 6 discs, something which could have a positive impact on price.
Well, check the price for the 6-disc season 3. I doubt you'll see a difference.
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