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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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Not sure if this has been covered in the previous pages, but assuming we all liked what we saw on the test Blu-ray, what would people be prepared to pay for season sets?

On the basic assumption there'd be 7 BR discs per season as per the DVD sets, and that many of us here will already own all 7 seasons on DVD, what realistic price will get people buying on Blu?
I'm at the upper end of that spectrum. TNG is a must have series for me, having a special significance because it's so nostalgic for me personally. I'd probably pay $80-$100 per season for a decent upgrade. This is about what I paid per season for the DVD sets as they were released.

The market has changed though, and series don't tend to cost that much anymore (recession, and all that).

I would expect it to cost about the same as the TOS remastered sets.
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