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I also miss the use of religion in the culture wars as well. It was an extra dynamic that added to the mix.
I never cared much about religion as a cultural thing, I always used it as a political tool. I would always switch to the state religion of my most powerful neighbour to get in their good books and then spread that religion around my empire as much as I could. You know, like the way religion used to work in the real world. It's a pity that it wasn't included, city states aren't as interesting politically.

Another major thing I miss is the old happiness system. Happiness working on the city level made more sense than it does working on a civilization-wide basis, and it forced you to deal with the cities as separate entities with different needs. Unhappiness in one city used to cripple production there and forced you to deal with the problem, but in Civ 5 one city can be full of unhappy people and the problem can be ignored so long as happiness is high enough in all the other cities.
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