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Re: JD's Comic Book Thread

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Ok, I read all of Batman: Year One, earlier this evening and I loved it. I can definitely see why it is considered such a classic.

I have no idea where my copy is. That or Man of Steel, actually.

JD, maybe you know, since you've been reading more recent comics than I have, and I can guarantee Admiral Young knows, because he reads every comic, is the New Krypton stuff a few years back any good? I understand it got a mixed reception, but it sort of seems up my alley.
I'm in the process of reading it right now. So far, I've been enjoying it. The story is quite brisk, which was a but of a (pleasant) surprise to me. However, there is a conspiracy subplot to it which I thought I was going to enjoy, but it kinda drags as much of it is pure exposition.
I read the first volume and a half at the library just now. The art varies from competent to pretty yucky. I actually skipped over about half the first volume because it's about Jimmy Olsen tracking down some loser with a bad costume and the worst name in the history of superhero comics. Maybe that was important, but I doubt it.

When New Krypton finally comes into play, it's pretty neat, although to be honest, everyone has so far comes off as really poor strategists--on the human side, there's General Sam "let's send two guys with kryptonite hearts into New Krypton, they'll probably manage to kill ten or twenty of them and really piss the living sun gods off. If it worked for al-Qaeda, it'll work for us!" Lane, and on the Kryptonian side, you have unnecessarily violent and provocative commando raids to sieze prisoners whom, if anyone had thought of it, the U.S. government would probably beg to be permitted to extradite to New Krypton, given how they probably have a combined body count of several million and are basically impossible for human means to hold.

The best scene of what I've read was Sam Lane shooting Lex Luthor in the shoulder because, smartest man on the planet or not, Lex has only ever been around people who don't react with violence when he's an asshole. It's pretty hilarious.

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