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Re: Marvel to make a Doctor Strange movie?

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Wow, cool! Doctor Strange is one of two Marvel characters whose movies I've been eagerly waiting for (the other is The Sub-Mariner, which I guess poses certain difficulties, such as how to depict a guy running around in swim trunks without it looking a tad farcical ).

Shortlist: Bradley Cooper and Johnny Depp.

Our current Bruce Banner, Marc Ruffalo, is more the Doctor Strange type to me. In an ideal world, he'd have that role and Edward Norton would still be Banner.

How about casting some other characters? Scarlett Johannson should be Clea, not the Black Widow. Umar = Angelica Huston or Meryl Streep. Dormammu should be voiced by James Earl Jones, and if he's not available, Dan Castellaneta.
Wow, that's some poor casting! I'm so glad you don't get to decide these things. Strange should be played by someone with gravitas. John Hamm would be perfect.
Jon Hamm should just play every superhero.
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