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I hadn't seen these two Harrison Ford films in a good 14-15yrs. So long in fact I got to be re-surprised by the ending to Presumed Innocent. Both are Roman Polanski and I was given this Blu-Ray double feature by a friend.
To be pedantic for a moment, Frantic was directed by Roman Polanski, but Presumed Innocent was directed by Alan J. Pakula.

110. Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. (A-)
111. Stagecoach (B-)

Mr. Death: A terrific, heart-breaking account from director Errol Morris of Fred A. Leuchter, an execution specialist whose career and personal life was destroyed when he wrote a report based on poor science backing the claims of a Holocaust denier, and refused to retract that report due to outright stubbornness. Wikipedia claims the man is now working as a telemarketer, which is an even bigger fall than the dramatic one seen in this documentary.

Stagecoach: It's hard to look at this film with fresh eyes, since so many of the things that appear to us as tired cliches of the Western genre were new and innovative at the time. The cast is terrific -- perhaps one of the best ensembles for a Western, ever -- and the end nicely upends our expectations by putting John Wayne's final duel mostly off-screen. Still, it features typical American Indians for a western of this period -- two-dimensional savages hell bent on destruction -- and it's hard to take a movie that tries to make so many cliches (i.e. the charge of the cavalry) into major dramatic moments seriously.
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