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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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If you tuned in to the Borg eps., regardless of your personal reasons then you gave them the go ahead to create more Borg eps. You aren't giving them the info that you aren't liking the stories, you're giving them just the opposite. You're giving them approval.
How do you think they found out that the Borg were a fan favorite in the first place? Just because people tuned in to BOBW? They did receive feedback, you know.

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If you are a writer, then you should have started a letter writing campagine to the studio.
When has there ever been a letter-writing campaign over something so mundane? It's not like they killed off a favorite character.

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A writer job has nothing to do with keeping track of what is pulling an audience. So it doesn't matter what you believe a good writer does, honestly. They still have to do what their bosses the producers and studio asks for.
I'm not an expert on the process, but I'm pretty sure the extent of the producers' direction is something like "Let's do a Borg episode." Then deciding whether to accept a story once it's submitted. Handling the actual story is up to the writer.

A writer's job isn't necessarily to keep track of the audience, but it IS their job to keep track of the characters they're writing and keep their portrayal consistent. Inconsistent portrayal is the root of the audience's dissatisfaction. "Weaken" is a relative term.

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Martok seemed like a pretty logical and calm Klingon too me.
In which episode?
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