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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

90. The Apartment (A-)
91. Captain America: The First Avenger (A-)
92. Ordinary People (A-)
93. Days of Heaven (B+)
94. Yojimbo (A-)
95. Tangled (A)
96. Cowboys and Aliens (B)
97. Crazy, Stupid, Love (A-)
98. Beginners (A-)

Semi-autobiographical relationship drama from director Mike Mills about his relationship with his father after he came out as gay in his 70s and his few final years before his death of cancer; I don't know if the only part, about the Mills proxy's (Ewan MacGregor) relationship issues and romance with Anna (Melanie Laurent), also has a basis in reality. Either way, it's a charming little courtship that addresses both characters' emotional baggage that came courtesy of their parents. The buzz around this film mostly centres around Christopher Plummer as the dad, and he is indeed magnificent; don't be surprised if he wins the Oscar for it, though it's kind of a small movie. Elegant in handling the social pressures of the day and the consequences of it (there's a great scene where the dad finally reveals why he decided to marry Macgregor's mom). Has some random indie film quirks (occasional subtitles on the family's terrier's expressions), but these are handled in a subdued manner.
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