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Re: Star Trek: Cast No Shadow Review Thread

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You forget that
But the problem is not with her being a vulcan but that the reasoning behind her motivation is maybe the most clichéd (just behind "I was abused as a child!") in modern fiction, her species is irrelevant in that regard, she could be a talking octopus for all the difference it makes to the use of that tired plot point.

Just because the "childhood trauma" has been used many times in fiction does NOT mean that no writer can use it ever ever ever. If plot devices were banned after a certain number of uses, then the world of fiction would be bare.
An individual reader can certainly look for the "new" and "interesting" in fiction, but seeing as this book was a tie in novel written about a universe that has had a lot of fictional exploration - expecting something new and exciting from it or any other Star Trek book every single time is IMO unreasonable. We buy these

A Vulcan's emotions do run very, very deep. They are also taught to control and suppress and have greater mental acuity and recall than humans. So a traumatic event would really impact their entire life, in a way that is deeper and more real than a human, especially if they chose to conceal the traumatic events.

Swallow's use of that plot device was necessary if he was to portray Valeris as a sympathetic character. Perhaps it would have been more "interesting" if she was a coldly calculating menace, but that also has been done in other novels.

The book was a great story overall, and one that delved into a very interesting period of time.

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