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Marvel to make a Doctor Strange movie?


Apparently a couple of years ago Marvel hired writers Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Donnelly, who have also written or contributed to Cowboys and Aliens and the forthcoming Conan movie, to write the script for Magical Medic Stephen Strange, one of their more eclectic properties.

It seems that the script has now been turned in and that Marvel are actively searching for a director, having a shortlist in mind. The script is being forwarded, as they try to seek someone 'to oversee continued development.'

The report suggests also that Edgar Wright has turned in his Ant-Man script. It's not clear if either or both of these will form part of the cinematic Marvel-verse that includes Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and next year's The Avengers (though as Ant-Man is usually a member of the latter group, he may well be).

Who are you hoping is on the Strange-Shortlist, for either directors or stars?
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