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Re: All I Got Left is My THREAD BOMBS!

trekkiedane wrote: View Post
1. I have ever only posted spider-images and been asked to stop it once.
(I guess your 'first warning' was to someone else -or that I simply didn't see it.)

2. The entire spider-happening in this thread was turned into links -might not have been your doing though.

3. I don't troll

4. How were any of us to know that J. Allens post wasn't as 'jokey' as the rest of the posts in this entire group of threads? -I merely posted 'cute' -or maybe 'cutified' is the right word- versions of images relating to the images that were being posted at the time.

4. Why would I go whining anywhere after Allen and I had the whole thing under control in a series of PMs?

5. When have I ever 'misrepresented what was said'?
Someone asked what this thread is about and I answered -it's as simple as that! -Now I can understand how an overworked mod in the heat of summer can misinterpret above posts, but do take a look at the context.

6. I don't troll -It's childish and never has any funny results (unless it's an attack by pirates).

Lastly I'd like your input on how to tell people new to the thread what not to post -without telling them exactly what not to post.
How about don't tell anyone they can't post spider pictures because that was never a rule and it was one minor issue that should have been dropped months ago but for some reason keeps getting brought up?

Let's walk you through it again:

J. Allen's post - #502:
J. Allen wrote: View Post
TorontoTrekker wrote: View Post
I'll be over in the arachnophobia section with J. Allen...
Welcome, plenty of room!

apenpaap wrote: View Post
Weird, I find that spider close-up almost kinda cute. It looks a bit like a muppet.
It actually causes my heart rate to speed up, my fight or flight responses to kick in, hyperventilation, itching everywhere, anxiety attack and paranoia. Yes, just a picture will do that. I have blocked the actual image, because I couldn't read this thread if it stayed there. Even now, with it blocked, my reactions will be jumpy for a bit. More than likely, I will also be unable to sleep for at least a few hours.
Doesn't sound very jokey to me. Saying you didn't know if he was serious is an especially odd defense if you discussed the situation with him via PM. Surely he explained to you that he was serious but that there were no hard feelings (because J's a good guy), did he not?

Your follow-up post - #506:
So, four posts before, J. Allen tells you how seeing those spider pictures makes him react, and your response is to post a bunch of them in a row.

Now, we got a request from another mod who was not from Miscellaneous (and therefore couldn't do anything) to say something in the thread and turn the images into links because they felt it was unfair and essentially trolling J. Allen by posting those in direct response to his comment. I agreed. However, I wasn't going to go through changing everyone's spider pictures into links (especially the people who hadn't known about J.), and only decided to changed the ones posted by the person who did the most and did it intentionally after J. Allen said how much it bothered him. Guess who that was? You.

Yours was the ONLY post where the images were turned into links by a mod (me). You can tell by looking at the bottom of the posts to see the edit history. Any other ones that were links were because the posters did that themselves, probably to not be rude to J. Allen. But there are several pictures still present in the thread that weren't turned into links, which pretty much blows your assertion that were all turned into links out of the water.

Finally, here's my post - #520:
Locutus of Bored wrote: View Post
I'm not going to go through and turn every spider/arthropod image into a link (just the worst offender), but when someone tells you they have debilitating arachnophobia, don't immediately start posting a bunch of spider and isopod and other related creepy crawly pictures without at least covering them in links and giving a warning. J. Allen should be able to read the thread like everyone else and not have to deactivate images.

Obviously we can't control people posting them randomly throughout the thread, but you can at least not react to him saying it by trying to freak him out.

J., it might be better in the future to just not mention the arachnophobia at all since it only makes people post more spiders. Oh, and you owe me, so I get immediate veto powers on your next furry post.

In the meantime, here are some puppies, kittens, bunnies, and ducklings to even things out. And no, none of you have puppykittenbunnyducklingphobia, before some wiseass says that.
Notice how I made it perfectly clear this was not a rule about posting pictures of spiders in the future, and how it was only related to not harassing the poor guy with more pics when he says it bothers him? That's it.

It should have been over and done with right there, because I just made a friendly request with no repercussions or demands beyond not acting like a jerk when someone says spiders bother them. But noooo, in true TrekBBS fashion, this stupid non-issue had to become the cause someone chose to stand in front of a line of tanks over. The admin got a complaint from a poster, so it became a whole discussion in the BR. It keeps getting brought up like there's an official rule against posting spider pictures in the Thread Bombs topic, when there's no such rule.

People need to stop bringing it up. Don't tell people that it's against the rules to post spider pics, because it's not. However, if someone says "I'm deathly afraid of koalas," don't act like a jerk and immediately tease them with tons of koala pics, understood? It's really not a difficult concept.

Now, if you want to discuss this with me some more, I'll be happy to do it via PM. I just didn't want the misconception that there's a rule about posting spider pictures to go uncorrected... again. Back to posting funny pictures.
- There are stories about what happened.
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