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Re: Cowboys & Aliens: Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel, DVD **SPOILERS**

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I wanted to like the movie, but the script was pretty bad. I almost busted out laughing when it's revealed the aliens are after gold. Really, gold?
It somehow seemed appropriate to me that a western with aliens was about a robbery, not an invasion.
Well, Ella said these were the scouts before the invasion.
True, but apparently they were going to invade to take our gold. Still basically a robbery.

Another thing I got a kick out of was what a survivor the dog was.

Lonnegan kills the men it's traveling with, so it goes with him. It stays with him until it latches onto the boy probably figuring the boy would be the best one to care for it.

When the alien attacks the riverboat, the dog takes off. It later finds itself in the company of the outlaw gang until Lonnegan shows up again. It follows him til reunited with the boy.

At the end when Lonnegan leaves, the dog decides its best chance at survival is with the sheriff and the boy.

Talk about a character with a highly developed survival instinct.
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