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Re: All I Got Left is My THREAD BOMBS!

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^These days it's just funny pictures.... pretty much anything is game (except things with images of spiders).

It's a tough audience sometimes though.
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Well, we can... but we were asked to post them only as links -and have complied ever since.....
No, you know that's not true because we just went through this AGAIN when you brought up the issue AGAIN a couple months ago after I had already explained it to you the first time.
1. I have ever only posted spider-images and been asked to stop it once.
(I guess your 'first warning' was to someone else -or that I simply didn't see it.)

I turned your and only your images into links
2. The entire spider-happening in this thread was turned into links -might not have been your doing though.

because when J. Allen told you it makes him have severe anxiety attacks you started trolling him by posting a bunch of spider pictures in reply. I never once made a rule about not posting spider pics or only them as links here in the future, I only said if someone tells you they have a bad reaction to seeing spiders, don't act like a jerk and post a bunch of spider pics in a row to screw with them, or at least only do them as links. It was a one time request specifically related to not trolling people (like your behavior in the thread), not to posting spider pictures in general.
3. I don't troll

4. How were any of us to know that J. Allens post wasn't as 'jokey' as the rest of the posts in this entire group of threads? -I merely posted 'cute' -or maybe 'cutified' is the right word- versions of images relating to the images that were being posted at the time.

Now I've explained this to you on at least two separate occasions, I'm pretty sure you went whining to the admin about it despite it being a complete non-issue, and you keep bringing it up in this thread out-of-the-blue (which inevitably provokes more people to post spider pictures when they wouldn't have normally) and misrepresenting what was said. I'm getting pretty damn tired of it. It's just another variation on the same trolling you were doing before. Knock it off.
4. Why would I go whining anywhere after Allen and I had the whole thing under control in a series of PMs?

5. When have I ever 'misrepresented what was said'?
Someone asked what this thread is about and I answered -it's as simple as that! -Now I can understand how an overworked mod in the heat of summer can misinterpret above posts, but do take a look at the context.

6. I don't troll -It's childish and never has any funny results (unless it's an attack by pirates).

Lastly I'd like your input on how to tell people new to the thread what not to post -without telling them exactly what not to post.
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