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Re: International Space Station to be decommissioned in 2020?

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Some thoughts regarding space stations and manned missions to Moon and Mars:

While early concepts had seen the primary purpose for space stations to serve as a gateway to the Moon and other planets, this has never actually materialized in practice. No space station ever built (Skylab, Salyut 1 through 7, Mir, ISS) had a interplanetary gateway function. They were space laboratories in low earth orbit.

On the other hand, the Apollo moon landings were achieved without having any space station to serve as a "gateway". A manned Mars mission could (and probably will) be conducted without any direct involvement of a space station too. So the presumed connection between space stations and manned missions beyond LEO by von Braun and the likes simply didn't hold water in reality.

That being said, there are two possible applications of ISS program experience for future "deep space" missions. First of all, a manned Mars ship will probably be put together in Earth orbit and "launched" from there. Through building the ISS we know how something like this is done exactly. Second, the ISS helps in gaining experience with long-term space habitation and what effects it has on the human body and mind (although Mir had already served in that function as well).
Experience is always great but it's not effectively cost productive to gain it at this sort of budget and then throw it away. That's ludicrous. I will always have a problem with throwing away money like this to the space program to get squat done when there are veterans not getting proper treatment, schools closing and infrastructure crumbling across the nation. Zero progress is never going to justify such neglect.

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Space Shuttle missions are limited to two weeks. Scientific experiments on the ISS can be conducted for months or even indefinitely. You can't really do anything long-term with the Shuttle. Not to mention that it had only one laboratory module (Spacelab) and the ISS has several.
The shuttle could easily be augmented to the task.
Very few of the stations research was so long term (from what I understand)

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The intent was already proven through NASA's projections of future ventures.
Then post a link to that. not some third party's dream of what the ISS should be used for.

Sorry. Not everything is on the web. The Book is named (I believe) Outbound.
Those images came from NASA artist and engineer ideas of what the station would be WHICH is why they are so similar to what the station is now.

Yeah, I think if I remember, we were going on this comment: And the goal in that second link hasn't happened yet. You're right. But then again, it was just a proposal. Not INTENDED. GOAL not achieve because, derrrr, GOAL NOT ASSIGNED. Yep, I can capitalize words too.
You don't get it, do you.
You're arguing semantics. You're trying to win a debate. If that's what you want, then I'll hand you the victory ...right now. You win. But untill you understand...that de orbiting that station after all the cost, man power, know how and time just to have to build another one later on...for the Mars Lunar missions is a colosal waste and in terms of progressing man space travel ...that's failure. Nothing accomplished.

Did they learn something from the effort? Of course
Was the research beneficial, Maybe.
Was it practical: No

NASA is not the sole owner of the station and does not make the decisions on the future of the station on it's own.
...aye que malo (WHOOOSH)
Name "these projects" that #4 is referring to for cost figures. Because as stated you are insinuating that NASA has it's finger in every dollar spent in aerospace. ooo! Sounds like a conspiracy!
Conspiracy? No.
Stupidity? Yes.
I listed those projects above. The one that disturbed me most was the Delta Clipper/X-33 competition that was going on. It seemed so ridiculous...I really have no words for what I've read on this subject.
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