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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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1. They are correct, the current hardware iteration of PS3s doesn't have backwards-compatibility in terms of being able to play PS2 games since there aren't enough people out there who actually demand such a feature (those who do usually still own a PS2 or first-generation PS3, and if they don't, PS2 are dirt-cheap nowadays).
The only thing that's a pain is having to have multiple machines hooked up (or, rather, climbing behind the set and changing the cables). I'm considering buying a first-generation PS3 as there are some available, but will they play the newest games?
Yes, they will.

I wouldn't advise going for an early PS3 model though. They are loud and generally lest stable (also they've generally run out of warranty by now) than current models. They also have significantly less hard drive space.

I'd recommend using a recent model PS2 and PS3. There are relatively cheap and highly comfortable technical solutions for switching between video input devices without climbing behind your TV set
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2. Don't worry, you will be able to play all these games without access to the internet / the PlayStation Network.
That's good to hear. Once again referring to the fine print I was looking at a couple games that seemed to suggest you needed to be hooked up to the net to play them. (Again I know you do need it, obviously, for multiplayer and I assume there's probably a Warcraft-like game out there that's played over the PSN. But for LA Noir and that new Tomb Raider I'd like to be able to play "free as a bird" as it were. (I also hear rumor that GTA V might be a redo of San Andreas, which I just have to see based on how GTA IV reimagined Liberty City. The release of nuTomb Raider or GTA V will probably be what gets me to shell out for the PS3. Probably a week before Sony announces the PS4, of course!

Well, without online connectivity you are going to miss out on certain features, such as optional downloadable content or online leaderbords and the like.

You'll have no problems regarding actually playing the games' singleplayer components though Remember, a significant portion of current generation consoles isn't hooked up to the internet (yet). Publishers and developers are well aware of that!
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