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Re: Cowboys & Aliens: Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel, DVD **SPOILERS**

I thought this was a great flick. I found the characters to be fun archetypes, each played really well. Rockwell had me genuinely laughing. Olivia Wilde was gorgeous and captivating as usual. She definitely looks how I'd want an alien chick to look au naturel. The action was pretty cool, too, good brawls, gunfights and all out firefights. The aliens were interesting, as opposed to the Super 8/Cloverfield retardedness I was dreading. Their tech was sweet and seemed used in a Star Wars/Firefly vein. Craig and Ford were awesome badasses, as expected. This is definitely the most fun I've had with a Ford movie in recent memory.

The upended riverboat dropped in the middle of the prairie was a great, unique backdrop and set. Overall, the film was visually striking. Ooh! And the streams of liquid gold were cool, too. As to that, I'm glad they don't say what the aliens want with the gold. Sure, they could mine practically anywhere in the Solar System, or better, their own home system more easily than fighting humans for it at the bottom of Earth's gravity well, but then we wouldn't have aliens and cowboys. The added kidnapping, mindwipe and live vivisection made the aliens all the more sinister and outright assholes you wanted to see get shot in the face with a Winchester. This was a solid western with a good integration of the sci-fi elements.

I don't know what else to say ... definitely worth the price of admission for me. I was thoroughly entertained throughout.

If you're thinking of letting professional critics talk you out of seeing this in the theatre, I'd like to speak up as a layman and say give it a chance.

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