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Re: All my ships in 1 place

Feel free to disregard this, but looking back over some of your ship classes, this is how I see them:

Toward the end of the Dominion War, Starfleet was getting desparate for ships to throw in front of the enemy, and started pulling as many good parts as they could off of ships in the scrapyards and museums and putting them together quickly into whatever would work and possibly have enough power to stand a chance. Shuttlebays reworked to fire torpedoes and smaller jury-rigged explosive-filled kamikaze ships (old shuttles and such), and tons of lower-powered old school warp nacelles strung together to provide modern levels of power. Each ship, or usually at most, couple of ships, formed their own class, and sometimes the engineers got a little silly with the names, which Starfleet left to them - but usually the names were of characters known for an ability to MacGyver things together like the engineers themselves were doing.
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