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No, this is not an entry for the current contest...

Though I wish it were, however, when I first saw what this month's contest was, it was already past the 10th, and well, I'm not very skilled at Illustrator, so I figured I probably wouldn't make the deadline anyhow. However, as the entries rolled in, I was inspired to at least further develop this design I've had in my head for a while, if only for the purpose of some sort of "commemoration", or simply finally getting the darn thing posted.

Anyhow, the basic idea started with basing a shuttle design on the Starfleet insignia.

This one, I came up with quite a while ago. I'm not satisfied with how the pylons look as they sweep down, so if/when I develop this design further as a shuttlepod, I will either sweep the pylons upwards, or even think about integrating them outright.
This one, I also started a while ago, but she is less compact than the first. The top image I did a while ago, while everything below, I started recently. After a while, I got tired of making measurements to try to make all of the views match up, so this page is a WIP. I might just simply do the complex version in Illustrator (eventually, though I honestly want to finish the Valkyrie first, and that is going to take a while...), so I decided to do something more sketchy.
Hence what we have here. It is easy to see the Starfleet insignia inspiration, and the nacelles are based off of the Odyssey class's. I'm not quite done with this series of sketches, but it will do for now.

And yes, the nacelles are supposed to stow away when not in use.
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