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Re: All my ships in 1 place

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Yeah, I'd love for you to put together a TMP-era Springfield-Class vessel as I described earlier in the thread.

Kaiser: An NX-Class with dual overhead Abbe-Class / New Orleans-Class type overhead missile/torpedo launchers & Enterprise-A type nacelles. Designed as part of the "Home Guard" task forces, after painful lessons were learned the hard way during the Earth-Romulan War.

Rarely ever seen, frequently docked to trading bases as "last resort" vessels as they don't tend to last long in battle.

They're relatively heavily armed, but not especially maneuverable, thickly armored, or quick to re-load. Insufficient sensors, jerry-rigged computers, and completely unable to detect cloaked vessels. They're not heavily manned, mostly automated with skeleton crews, and the ship's armaments don't adjust to enemy movements once they're fired.

They're basically refit NX-Class vessels (some with the new secondary hull expansions, others without,) with big, loud sawed-off shotguns on the dorsal sides of their saucer sections or aft/engineering hulls, and scarcely-faster at a maximum warp of warp 7.8

The ship fires to a general area and hopes they nail something in the approximate area of their experimental weapons' discharge.

Copernicus-Class Frigate

Extremely controversial, as starfleet's mission is to explore and not be seen as strictly an imperialistic expanding military power. The Copernicus is often discussed in murmurs in the hallways as the "redshirt-class".
does it have to be a NX-Class saucer cus there isnt one in Vances's tool kits

Though i could easily use a Baton Rouge or TOS era Saucer i suppose but its up to you
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