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Re: New podcast devoted to Trek lit

Jolan Tru,

Teri and I discussed about the last two weeks, and how we had theme weeks, and we already discussed getting back on track with the actual novels.

Next week I have military obligations, so my interview with Kirsten Beyer will air, as well as the panel she did at Shore Leave, so it will be centered around the Voyager novels, and the week following we will be live at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. I have to be honest, that show may be very interesting just for the fact we are going on at 6 am...and on the last day of the Khan.

But we have discussed your criticisms before I saw this, and it is something we noticed.

I am sorry psikeyhackr that you don't care for the show, but no show will appeal to everyone, and I understand that. I do hope you will give us time to grow and keep listening. I can tell you these seven episodes are the first seven podcasts I have ever done, so it is a learning curve for me.

Defcon, I understand regarding RBOE - but it is funny, I am getting emails from people asking for us to hold on some of the novels from the last few months as they are just reading them, so it is a fine line we try to walk sometimes. Now some at that, but we have had a least a dozen people tell us they are just now buying Trek novels because they heard our show and it has caused them to seek some out and get an interest in them. So it becomes a case of "how long do we wait?" to discuss some of these books. Maybe some are shrugging at that, but the mere fact these people are getting the books now from our conversations is, to me, a huge plus and I don't want to ruin it for them. But when we discuss Star Trek Vanguard - Declassified, I think you will see us get more book heavy again.

Well, for those that keep listening, enjoy! I do look to see what you are saying (even though I was warned by an actor to "for the love of God stay away from message boards, they will kill you! ) because I really do believe we get better that way.

All the best.
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