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these shots have me wandering why we haven't had battle in the rain yet in ME
The Gears fanboys would scream "copycat!" in that case I'm sure
I think that might be working up to it for. Both Jack's loyalty mission and The Arrival DLC had rain, but not in combat proper.

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Oh that's meant to be Miranda? For some reason I thought it was a FemShep. Yeah it doesn't look much like Miranda
BTW, I'm surprised you guys had difficulty telling that that was supposed to be Miranda. I thought it was pretty obvious.

What I love about that painting is how vulnerable she looks. I guess we didn't get to see her let her guard down often in the game (and no, shagging MaleShep doesn't count ).

Eye of the beholder I guess
Yeah, I think the context of the piece feels a little out of character for Miranda. I mean can you see her ever not being clean and well presented?

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Now that I'm replaying ME2, I do wonder what the impact will be of Aria if you've aided her with her Patriarch and the conspiracy of the mercenary gangs. Does anybody have an idea how that could impact the fight against the Reapers?
I can't see that having any wider implications outside of Aria's relationship with Shepard being affected depending on how it's handled.

We do however know that Aria and Omega will have a significant role in the upcoming comic book mini.
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