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Re: New podcast devoted to Trek lit

Listened to the show (missed about a quarter of an hour in the middle), and while I really enjoy listening to it, I feel that it has pretty much moved away from TrekLit over the last few episodes, especially for a podcast originally meant to be devoted to TrekLit.

There were several easy openings to incorporate the novels (the FBTS novelization, which added a lot to an already great episode when talking about Benny Russel / Sisko's problem with Vic's holobar, or Hollow Men which was a bit of a follow up for Pale Moonlight etc.) into the discussion here and none of them were used. But the big moment for me in that regard was when you mentioned Rough Beasts and then pretty much just said we won't talk about it, because too few people have read it.

As I said I like to listen to the show, and I know there will be more TrekLitish episodes coming up (the Declassified episode in three weeks etc.), but that was just something I had to get out of the system I guess.
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