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Re: Digital comics are they worth it ? disscussion and comments:

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Classic Tales of the Man of Steel:
Action comics #1 (first appearance of Superman), #6 (first appearance of Jimmy Olson), #23 (first appearance of Lex Luthor), #252 (first appearance of Supergirl), Annual #11
Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow:
Superman #423
Action Comics #583
Superman Begins
The Man of Steel #1-#6
"Hi, I'm everything that's wrong with DC's approach to digital comics! Specifically, the notion that 99 cents for intangible copies of comic books we printed between seventy-two and twenty-five years ago is a sale price."

Overlooking my belief that stories that old (as distinct from the IP) should be public domain in the first place, it strikes me as a somewhat exploitative practice, hitting impulse buyers, which I'm not convinced is good business; I'm not sure a great way to generate the affection and loyalty for what you need to push (your present-day product) is to overcharge for frankly suspect product which met the end of its intended economic lifespan long ago.

Now, that said, I'd love to be able to peruse fifty year old Lois Lane comics (as they're quite good, in that "is this shit for real?" sense, and the answer is "no, not usually, but it's hilarious, right?"; my favorite issue is the one where Lois fantasizes about marrying a Space Mormon, though unfortunately it was made in 60s so it loses steam before it can get frankly pornographic). And I would even pay some monies to do so. Maybe $20; conceivably $40.

$137 strikes me as a little excessive.

Like, taking an example from that list, I've read Action 252. And even when you throw in the first appearance of Metallo and his sweet stache, and the apparent selling point of the piece, the very awesome sequence of Superman explaining why he's stuffing Kara in an orphanage instead of doing, you know, anything to help her acclimate to Earth or get over her parents' deaths or show her any sort of basic human affection... I dunno, it's really hard to get over the idea that it's a buck for a piece of disposable children's entertainment that came out in 1958.

You should at least get a discount for the Congorilla story you aren't likely to give a shit about, let alone feel pleased you paid thirty-three cents for.

SPOILER: Superman murders Metallo, and Kal-El exploits a tragedy in which dozens died in order to infiltrate Kara Zor-El into human society. There, I saved you a dollar.

The price for MoS is more arguably fair. I mean, I spent more than $6 on it ten years ago. But that is also widely recognized as a good comic, not just a piece of comics history.

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