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Re: Minecraft 1:1 Scale Enterprise Refit/1701-A

The biggest hurdle I seem to be facing at the moment is where to fit in the turbolift shaft that comes down vertically through the dorsal fin. It follows the course of the vertical 'impulse core', but there's a horrible choke point where the dorsal fin meets the torpedo launchers. Because of this, if I want to keep the turbolift shaft going vertically down it has to stay really close to the impulse core:

I literally can't move the turbolift shaft any further back, because it'll then be outside of the hull. Any thoughts or suggestions on this?

Also, how are the crew supposed to get to the Torpedo Deck where the Airlocks are? I cannot see any logical place to put the turobolift doors without them opening onto either the vertical impulse core or the tracks the torpedos run along. Is there actually a different way into that section?
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