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Minecraft 1:1 Scale Enterprise Refit/1701-A


I've been working on a little project the past month or so, and having read a few posts on this forum I think you guys should be able to help me by providing ample amounts of constructive critisism

I've always wanted to model one of the versions of The Enterprise in a computer game, for the purpose of simply running around it geekishly once it's completed. I tried it once with the Quake engine, but the ship is simply too large.

With Minecraft however, available modeling space is largely infinite so I thought I'd have a crack at building the 1701-A.

I started off by using Dennis Baileys' awesome Refit Enterprise model in Blender format:

Then, I converted that to a .obj file so I could import it into a little command line tool called "binvox". What this does is convert a mesh into a voxelised version of itself. ie, a cloud of points/cubes. Each building block in Minecraft is roughly 1 metre square, so to keep the scale accurate I made the voxelised model 305 blocks long, by 72 high. The saucer is actually 143 blocks wide because it's centered around a single block.

I then converted this model into a schematic that could be imported into a bit of software called MCEdit. This allows you to place large objects into the game's map files without it crashing Java:

The in-game model was a mess of blocks on the inside, so I had to carve it all back to the outer hull in order to start putting the decks in.

I'm largely using the "Strategic Design" and "Kennedy Shipyards" schematics, which I'm guessing you've already seen a fair few times. I like having the Impulse Core going vertically down from the Impulse Engineering section to meet up with the horizontal core in the secondary hull's Main Engineering.

I'm also using lots of screen captures from the first 6 films to try a model the interior as accurately as possible using the limited block types available.

Forgive the current uglyness, but so far we have...


Hangar Bay/Flight Deck

Torpedo Deck / Airlocks:

Impulse Engineering:

Main Engineering:

Still plenty of empty space to be filled though...

I'll follow up shortly with some of the fitting-stuff-in issues I've been having :P
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