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Re: International Space Station to be decommissioned in 2020?

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It does in the context of your argument that the ISS was intended to be used as a stepping stone and crucial part of a mars mission.
The intent was already proven through NASA's projections of future ventures.

So, then it is contributing to mars research? that goes against your argument then.
No it's in favor of your argument that research apparently worthy of loose spending practices. But it does confirm that this has not happened yet and EVEN THIS GOAL for Mars research hasn't occurred and was INTENDED. GOAL not achieved.

So, your changing your argument from the ISS not living up to it's role "as a crucial step in a mars mission" to "NASA is a joke"? Fine, we can change subjects if you like.Soryy, me am stupid. not know what prok barrel mean.
The arguement has always been the same.
NASA is not getting the job done.

Saquist, don't be insulting. You're not the only person that has read a newspaper.
That was not my intent. I was merely setting the definition for the sake of accuracy as is my practice.

Note, the following "dots" follow the "NASA is a joke" argument and share no context with th ISS's missionThe above "dot" relates to the entire aerospace industry and is not indicative of NASA spending.Only one?? Really? You have a poor memory.
Reitteration: The Argument (or more properly: The CLAIM is that NASA represents a meandering, financially, superflous organization that has done little or nothing at excessive cost for the last 40 years.

The ISS Mission:

As a product of NASA's excess spending the de-orbiting of the station would represent a massive loss to tax payers. It's has been and will be thoroughly criticized for it's high cost in assembly and maintenance and then of course having to eventually build another later.

4th "DOT" as it were:

NASA has shared joint research on all of these projects. The aerospace firms shared a partnership in the research in order to shoulder the financial burden. NONE of those projects to progress space travel or stream line space travel have come to practical application in 40 years. One miles stone... Scrutiny is inevitable.

The significance in this case refers to the depth of knowledge on the subject. My collection starts in the 70's and has continued to grow.
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