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Re: Supernatural Season One

Well in fairness to Dawn, Since she works for the Cw (and is considered with revenue earned for the CW) and not for either Warner Brothers (Supernatural) or CBS television (the other production partner). SPN earned the least amount for ads of any show that did survive for another season. We had huge declines in both adults 18-49 and even worse for this network adults 18-34, the largest declines of any show that season that survived the worst general adults 18-34 of any show that got renewed.

Now after that SPN has been renewed early each season and not surprisingly there is solid ratings reasons for it, smaller year to year declines during season 3-6 of any show on the CW, some actual increases in adults 18-34, ect.

Since Dawn job doesn't cover things like DVD sales 9SPN does great), overseas rights (SPN used to do quite good there but its been years since we had solid numbers so who knows now).

And as much as total viewers for the female driven shows generally (TM and VD excluded) sucked they still have historically earned more due to their stronger adults 18-34 performance.

This is the first year where are adults 18-34 numbers have equalled some of the female driven shows.

It will be very curious to see how Nikita impacts are ratings as they are the oldest age (or viewer) for the CW, and the older you are the less money you bring in for the network from ads.
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