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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

August is upon us and this is when Green Lantern is really going to be making the push into most international territories. So, is the following statement, by Jeff Robinov WB film group president, intended to encourage global fans to show up at the theater? Basically saying, "Your vote, $$$, could yet keep a sequel afloat and get it beyond outline form and green lighted? Afterall the sequel statement was mentioned following the weekend GL opened and as noted in the piece, shot down as being approved.
Indeed, despite the weak box-office performance of Lantern in the U.S. and in a limited overseas launch, Warner Bros. has not scrapped the idea of a sequel. With an outline already in hand, studio executives are mulling over what changes would be needed to make a follow-up work. Robinov said he would like to see it be "a little darker and edgier with more emphasis on action.
What are the thoughts on this? Is this a new development or just a repeat engagement of what was said 5 weeks ago and debunked?

My idea for "what changes would be needed" would be to knock $50-60m off the production budget for starters. That alone would've made this installments revenue to date look much better.
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