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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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...Which WAS the immediate threat. That was the entire invasion they sent.
Which doesn't match up with the "Swarm" Guinan mentioned.

We were given no reason to believe they HAD another invasion, let alone were capable of having one reach Earth.
Guinan said "Swarm", not "single ship". Nothing in Q Who? implied that one Cube was their total force, otherwise the end of BOBW would have them mentioning that they've destroyed the Borg's totality and not just one ship.

Core trait, you mean. It's only your lack of imagination that makes it a flaw.
If the only core trait an enemy has is that they've been stupidly overpowered, they're still a lamely thought out enemy.

What do you mean, "either way"? Only one "way" was being discussed. The opposite, "other way", would have been that it turns out the Borg had raped millions of planets instead of just one. In which case, no, I would not be dissatisfied. So please Anwar, for the love of Kolk'r. Stop. Putting. Words. In. My. Mouth.
You said you'd be dissatisfied if you either had them run into a world they ruled or a world they raped. So both choices dissatisfy you.

No. Stop.
History vindicates me saying what they'd expect.

]Your "no-win" is easily solved by not having them completely overrunning the entire quadrant in the first place.
Which doesn't fit how they were portrayed in TNG as an unstoppable force with an insatiable hunger to conquer and assimilate everything around them. How can they be taken seriously if they couldn't even conquer their homeland?

You just can't win.
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