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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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BOBW did NOT give closure to the immediate threat. ALL they did was destroy ONE Cube.
...Which WAS the immediate threat. That was the entire invasion they sent. That single cube scooped up an entire planet, which thus far was the extent of what we had learned their full force was capable of. We were given no reason to believe they HAD another invasion, let alone were capable of having one reach Earth. Not until VOY revealed an entire fleet sitting on the other end of a conduit leading directly to Earth.

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The Borg were utterly boring without their overpowered status, which is what the core flaw with them was in the first place.
Core trait, you mean. It's only your lack of imagination that makes it a flaw.

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So, basically you'd be dis-satisfied either way. Typical.
What do you mean, "either way"? Only one "way" was being discussed. The opposite, "other way", would have been that it turns out the Borg had raped millions of planets instead of just one. In which case, no, I would not be dissatisfied. So please Anwar, for the love of Kolk'r. Stop. Putting. Words. In. My. Mouth.

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And then the audience would...
No. Stop.

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Again, no-win scenario. They should have either explained that the Delta Quadrant is loaded with species as powerful or more powerful than the Borg and these guys are keeping the Borg at bay (and from launching massive invasions of the other Quadrants) or have them as a constant threat assimilating everyone VOY encounters throughout the show.
Your "no-win" is easily solved by not having them completely overrunning the entire quadrant in the first place.
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