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Re: Lucasfilm's "Red Tails" Trailer Now Online

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I'm not understanding why people are using the fact that HBO came out with a movie about the Airmen over a decade ago as an excuse not to see this one.
I, personally, never said anything of the sort. I just pointed out that it's nearly identical to that movie as far as the storytelling is going and that the special effects -- the only thing that it would have going for it -- are obvious and kind of cheap looking. I also pointed out that they made absolutely no mention of what the movie is actually about, instead preferring to spin it as some kind of work of fiction instead, which is pretty damn insulting to the people it's supposed to be celebrating.
I don't know if they're trying to pass it off as fiction or if they are just trying to distance themselves from being compared to the other movie which is fairly well known (I think a lot of people who might not have watched it are familiar with what it is).

Even if not it doesn't have to be insulting, if people watched it as a story and then find out it was based on a real story that could be moving in its own way .
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